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The procedure is done by dentists with expertise. The professionals at McFadden Implant Center specialize in implants and they are a great option.

Around 70% of adult between the ages of 35 and 45 are missing at the least one permanent tooth. Bridges are a popular choice for many; the majority of people who lose back teeth don’t replace these teeth completely. More people, however, prefer dental implant treatments to replace missing, broken and cracked teeth. Dental implants are unaffordable, as opposed to bridges which can crack, or crowns that break or fall off, and then need to be replaced.

An astounding 97% of patients who use dental implants have no issues. These people report that they look better and stronger in comparison to normal teeth.

Do you feel self-conscious because of damaged or missing teeth? Visit a dentist in your area to repair your smile. Ask them about the advantages of dental implants to your smile and overall well-being.


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