What Does An Antitrust Lawyer Do? – SCHUMM

Rney, we are able to assist in identifying the particulars of the job they perform and for what they’re paid for.

An antitrust lawyer is a legal authority who specializes in protecting commerce and trade from corporations’ monopolies as well as price fixing. The general consensus is that antitrust attorneys handle the cases. The kinds of cases they deal with range from corporate mergers and acquisitions, to agreements on free trade, price fixing suits, as well as unlawful concerns about competition. They are commonly referred to as antitrust lawyers within the US. However they’re also referred to as competition lawyers across all over the world including Australia, South Africa and Europe.

Antitrust lawyers must learn about rules of competition in various countries. For instance there is it is required that the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act are both required to be adhered to lawyers in the US. The European Union also requires that lawyers understand and are familiar with the Treaty of Rome and follow its. Another example of this is Australian lawyers who have to be experts in the Trade Practices Act.

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