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If your child should be on it, ide Let’s find out more!

The International Baccalaureate Program (also known as IB) was launched in 1968 by educators. It’s a non-profit organization located in Geneva, Switzerland. The concept behind it comes from Marie-Therese’s stance that children must learn about the global viewpoints of various subjects instead of focusing solely on one particular country’s history. In addition, she believed that kids should learn two languages.

Schools that are of high quality can sign up to the IB Organization and be certified. The IB curriculum is able to be utilized anyplace in the world. This provides a wide range of opportunities for kids in their early years. A IB curriculum is designed to equip young minds with the necessary skills for working within a world that is increasingly global therefore their approach to thinking needs to be greater and more open. There are four distinct curriculums that are offered by this company, and they all begin thrilling and enjoyable, however, the level of difficulty increases with the course of.

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