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The symptoms of many eye conditions that could result in blindness, like macular degeneration and glaucoma may not be apparent to the patient until substantial damage has occurred. Eye exams regularly allow us to identify eye diseases in the early stages to start treatment.

A physician is able recognize early signs of chronic illness, give changes to prescriptions and tackle eyestrain caused by digital technology. These include certain kinds of diabetes and cancer in addition to the presence of high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure.

3. Testosterone Test

The hormone can be measured in blood using this test. It is found in both women and men the testosterone hormone is a vital hormone. But in men testosterone is the primary sex hormone by aiding in sperm production vocal enlargement, as well as muscle development. Although testosterone levels are lower in women than for males, testosterone is vital for regulating the biological processes and balancing hormones.

The blood contains two forms of testosterone; free testosterone which does not bind to proteins, and bound testosterone, which can attach to proteins, like albumin and blood’s sexual hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). The doctor may be able discover underlying issues by using this test to determine whether someone has unusually either low or high testosterone levels in the blood of their.

There are many factors that can trigger an individual’s testosterone levels to reduce. An expert may suggest several tests depending on the cause. Medical professionals first conduct a physical exam to look for signs of excessive or low testosterone levels.

The doctor may inquire about medication or medical history before ordering the blood test. The blood test is performed using a tiny needle. Before the test, doctors could advise the patient to quit taking prescribed medications for example, androge


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