How to Tow a Car on a Flat Bed Tow Truck – Car Dealer A

It’s a popular choice because it helps raise your vehicle off the ground and reduces risks of accident during towing. But, it is important to be aware of how you can safely take a car off and on with the tow truck’s flat bed to reduce the risk to the extent that you can. Here are some useful auto towing tips you should take note of.
Prior to loading the flatbed tow truck, ensure that it’s level. If the trailer is secured to the ramps, they must be leveled. Make sure that the weight of the vehicles and the trailer isn’t greater than the overall vehicle weight. To ensure that your axles are not overloaded, make sure to check the load distribution in the rear and front.
In order to keep the center of gravity lower, it’s important to put the bulkiest items near the front of the truck. In order to stop your load from moving make use of straps, a strapping device, or chains. These will assist you to remain in control and also prevent your load from shifting towards the center of gravity. Take a look at the video below for an illustration in visual form as well as additional tips. mvkb8afphp.

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