Watch a Derecho Whip Through a Small Town – Entertainment Videos

It is usually often associated with line of storms that are strong. The result is a constant wind line that could last for minutes. These winds can be extreme that exceed 100 miles an hour. It is easy to imagine that these winds are extremely destructive and cause massive amounts of destruction. There’s an inordinate amount of roof repairs required after the strong deecho. In this video you’ll see how an actual derecho appears like in by hand.

The video takes place in South Dakota. South Dakota is no stranger to storms that are powerful. The film begins by a storm chaser who is filming an oncoming storm. It is clear that the clouds are moving towards. With each passing minute and closer, you will hear the roaring of the wind. It is blowing almost horizontally as rain and debris is thrown up from the path toward the station. Some of the people seek shelter inside the gas station while the employees desperately attempt to keep the doors from closing. Then, it was found that the particular derecho could endure winds of up to 60 miles per hour. It also has the top speed of around 100 miles per hour.


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