Walmart Sued for Millions – Legal Videos

Large stores need to be capable of handling increased store traffic. It’s not always easy to run well. In some instances, self-checkouts may go wrong. This could mean that you’ve never paid to purchase the product. In the past, a woman was able to win an appeal against Walmart for this type of issue.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer would likely be needed in the case of this magnitude. Walmart was however very difficult to handle. In the case, the victim had filed a lawsuit against Walmart to compensate for the harm the company caused to her image by accusing the woman of theft from a store worth $40. Walmart’s legal team reached out to the woman and asked for $200 in order to end the matter. But, the lady was not willing to shell out the cost of something was not her fault. According to her, the machine was simply not working. This same situation has happened to many other people. Walmart actually collected millions from shoplifters in the past. To settle the case the retailer stopped accosting potential shoplifters for cash. The woman received over 2 million dollars in damages.


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