A Basic Overview of LIDAR Surveying Technology for Vital Infrastructure Needs – Kameleon Media


Are You Cost-effective?

LIDAR is much more affordable over traditional techniques because it’s accurate and efficient. It also saves time, which can save you time and money. LIDAR data can be used to record data for field surveys. This makes it easier for surveyors and surveyors to operate the tools, and can be less time-consuming than other building tools.

Accuracy and Speed

This is perhaps the biggest advantages of employing LIDAR the technology of surveying. Technology for LIDAR surveys can record greater detail on infrastructure-related projects like tunnels and bridges than conventional methods of surveying. This means that projects are completed in less timeline, reduced cost as well as higher quality and more satisfied clients.

Security and Efficiency

LIDAR surveying technology can be used in place of costly and risky techniques like helicopter surveys. Employees have to perform surveying services by aircraft, which puts them at risk of injuries or injuries.


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