What You Should Know About Bottled Water – Madison County Library

outdoors. Unfortunately, a lot of people choose to discard plastic bottles after they’re done without thinking about the fate of their bottles. This video illustrates the life cycle of a plastic bottle.

Bottled water is among the most frequently used commodities around the world. Bottled water can be trusted even in places without tap water. Businesses market it as being more sweet that tap water. That means that there are many plastic bottles around.

One of the biggest environmental issues worldwide is the recycling of plastic bottles. A majority of bottles are disposed of in landfills or other water sources, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans. Waste in landfills may release harmful chemicals into soil, which can poison crops and water supplies. In the same way, plastics found in marine waters could hinder the growth of marine life, and can poison marine life.

There is hope that one way to aid in reducing the environmental impact of drinking bottled water is recycling and reusing. By recycling and reusing the bottles, consumers can cut down on plastic pollution, protecting the environment, marine life as well as the plants and humans. 763y4pnf45.

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