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The majority of people don’t know who they can call for an emergency. What should they do? Go to urgent medical care, call the hospital or dial 911? Luckily, Sharp HealthCare uploaded a video on their YouTube channel titled “Urgent Care, Emergency Room or 911?” These videos explain the differences between the three services. The process isn’t as complicated like it appears. It’s also easy to determine the correct individual to call if anything happens to be wrong. Learn more!
Who do you need to call?

As per the Dr. Phil Yphantides, your physician is the right person to call first in many urgent situations. Doctors may not always be on hand. There is the option of seeking urgent medical care when you’ve had emergencies that require immediate care but isn’t too serious, such as minor burns, bruises or infection.

The best option is to go to an emergency department if you are suffering from a serious condition. Thus, calling 911 will be the most effective option. Staff members at the emergency room are equipped with the equipment needed to assist with more complex cases, such as surgery, severe injuries, fractures that expose bones and other intense pain damaging the patient.

Don’t be in doubts now that you’re aware of whom to call whenever you need medical assistance. Check out the remainder of the video to get more details!


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