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the benefits of hiring paver services, and ways to avoid these.

The first mistake most people make is not asking for references. Asking for references is a critical step to make sure you’re satisfied with the performance of your chosen company. You want at least 3 references for homeowners the company worked with over the years. You can not only ask these people about their impressions of the service, but also see how their driveways or other pavement is performing.

Another mistake is to employ a company without insurance or licensing. It will be your responsibility to pay the costs of any lawsuits in the event you choose to hire a company which isn’t insured or licensed. To prevent this from happening, ensure sure that the company you select has insurance for general liability as well as workers’ compensation insurance, and all the required licenses to do your job.

For more mistakes people make when hiring paving services and tips to stay clear of them, check out the video above!


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