How to Even Out Your Patio Pavers – The Movers in Houston

The unevenness of the pavers can happen due to environmental factors as well as general wear. This video demonstrates how you can even out your patio pavers to get them looking good and new.

The first step is to power wash the patio to get rid of dirt and grime on the surface as well as in between the pavers. Grab a screwdriver to remove pavers one at a step at a. Lay the blocks in a flat area of your yard, following the same pattern they have on the patio.

After removing the blocks from the area, use your level and grade top pavers so you can see how uneven the ground. Add crushed lime to the area and then level it. You should use more than it is appropriate because once you place the blocks back in, they’ll be displaced by the gravel.

For leveling the blocks set them in the original position and utilize a mallet of rubber to crush them. If you want to speed the process it is recommended to hire a helper. Once you’re finished, you should check the evenness of the work with the level for a second time to be sure that your work was done correctly.

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