How to Use Natural Stone Slab in Your Home – Andre Blog

Exterior flooring or rior. Since it’s stone, it’s very durable. Stone has been used throughout the ages as flooring, but in today’s modern era you’ll be able to choose from more options than you’re aware of what you’ll make of. Stone slabs are available which will fit any design in terms of aesthetics, style and taste.

There are a variety of finishes that you can pick from to your stone flooring. For starters, a polished appearance can be achieved. It has a glossy and luxurious look that will look great for bathrooms, kitchens or any other space you want to elevate. The finish truly showcases all of the beautiful details of the stone,

They are more matte than honed, and they have a smoother finish. These are more matte. There are all characters, however the surface will not reflect as much light than the polished. The antique finish has more texture, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor use. The best finish for you by doing the necessary research.


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