How Does Your Air Conditioner Work? –

the air conditioner’s function.
The air conditioner filters heated interior air from your house and then circulates cool air out. That’s the idea behind the process: heat is taken in and transformed from liquid to gas.
Air conditioners, similar to fridges of the normal type, store heat within the appliance and remove it.
Here is how it works:
To begin, the gadget takes in ambient air to make the space warmer. It cools ambient air through evaporator tubes that are maintained at low temperatures via a humidifier.
The process of evaporation creates a hot gas since the coolant within the chiller pipes is able to absorb heat. A fan outside blows this hot air , and coolant flows through the condenser and compressor.
The area is filled with cold air, which mix with the air around it to reduce the temperature and humidity.
Its components regulate the pressure, temperature and refrigerant’s condition so that it can chill the space.
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