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It will also help you determine which services are best for every situation.
Even though they might be similar kinds of medical services both urgent and emergency medical care differ in a fundamental way. If you experience dangerous injuries or signs you should dial 911 or go to the hospital immediately. In the case of patients suffering from minor injuries, or symptoms that are not severe the VA facility can provide care.
Injuries or illnesses that are not complicated, such as strep throat or pink eye, are taken care of in an urgent-care center. In the event that an illness, accident, or symptom is so serious that even the most cautious person is concerned that waiting to seek immediate medical attention could pose a risk to health or even the quality of life, it’s deemed urgent.
Convulsions, severe chest pain or loss of consciousness excessive breathing that is not controlled, as well as serious burns are examples of life-threatening serious illnesses or injuries. 911 or the local emergency department is the best option to get immediate help. There is no immediate assistance from the VA does not pay for the cost of treatment at an emergency room for veterans in specific circumstances. qudy3ddny5.

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