Starting A Lawn Care Business – Interior Painting Tips

Lawn maintenance is in high demand and is worth $76 billion in annual sales and expanding at 3.4 percent annually. The lawns will continue to grow.
Many lawn-care entrepreneurs earn up to $50,000 the first year. When they have been operating for awhile it is possible to earn up to $250,000 a year. Also, the operation of a lawn care service has plenty of opportunities to making money.
The expense of a mower, whipper snipperor leaf blower and trailer that can transport all of it may be enough to get the business off the ground. The cost could be up to $100,000 for the lawn-care or landscaping firm.
A mower, whipper-snipper leaf blower , trailer and mower could all be required to begin your own business. In the event that you’re looking to purchase into an existing lawn-care or landscaping company The cost could be at least 100,000. Check out this short video to know more about lawn maintenance businesses. hzj1vvvt8y.

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