Roofers in Beastmode – Infomax Global

This video shows how a couple of roofing contractors exceed the weight that their bosses say they should take on.
It’s an excellent option to keep you entertained when working on your roof. The video will show you what is possible when inspired by cash. See these people compete one another to lift very massive loads on a ladder two stories high.
The video is entertaining and quite remarkable. Two roofers exceed their bosses’ expectations in their ability to carry heavy loads their bodies are not meant to lift. You will find yourself cheering them on as they scale to the top of the ladder carrying loads of heavy weight on their shoulders.
This isn’t something you can do at in your own home. These men are roofers with experience and confidence when it comes to carrying large loads up the ladder. See how Jesse is astonished by his capacity to carry the most weight. can carry. gm8ppl4meb.

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