Understand the Options for Tooth Realignment – Teeth Video

E and S Orthodontics, Phoenix. Arizona Give us a brief explanation of some braces that are available.

Traditional wire braces align the teeth through exerting pressure. Since the bones of the jaws are developing the braces work well with children. For your teeth to become more sturdier then you must go to an orthodontist regularly.

Damon braces, also called Damon braces, also known as Damon brace, is a different type of wire brace, but they come with a unique method to hold wires in the brackets’ slot. They are less harmful on teeth. If you’ve got a lot of teeth, Damon braces are a less abrasive option that conventional braces. Most people do not need to wear Damon braces as often like they would with traditional braces. Damon braces also are available for children.

Braces with clear coatings are another alternative. The braces are positioned the same way as traditional wire braces. Because they’re clear, no one can tell that you are wearing them. They’re much more comfortable in comparison to Damon and traditional wire braces and can be used for longer durations. q58byrmfeq.

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