Local Dentists Are Learning to Navigate Ever Changing Safety Measures – Dental Hygiene Association

When going outside the home or to public locations like supermarkets and the mall, it’s a essential step to protect yourself as well as those in the vicinity. The following safety protocols including wearing a facial mask, often making use of hand soap, and keeping a safe distance from others will definitely assist.

Yet, even after these safety steps, some people fear being unsafe and are hesitant to make their scheduled trips to their dentist.

Although many may ignore the issue, some will take it seriously. Seniors and people with comorbidities and underlying health problems are not a laughing matter.

KSNT News made this video to demonstrate how Michel Dental makes it safe for those living within the shadows of pandemic.

Infectious diseases such as airborne viruses are easily transferred between people by contact with close proximity, coughing and sneezing. Similar to other dental clinics in the US, Michel Dental has implemented additional preventive measures to increase levels of security for employees and patients.

The safety issues should be discussed with your dentist. 6iyiivu6s2.

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