What Size Off Road Tires Should You Have? – Car Talk Show

Decide the Place and Time the Vehicle will Go Off the Road

Before any other decisions can be made, it has to be established where and how frequently the truck is off-road. Are off-road tires designed to be used by everyday motorists or for vehicles which are designed for use only off-road? It’s crucial to know how often your truck will need to be driven. In other words, is it likely to an opportunity for snow, mud or rain? It’s crucial to determine all these questions before choosing the right size tire.

Size, suspension and lift

It’s the time to discuss size, suspension, and lift kits. The tire shouldn’t be too big if the vehicle is going to be used everyday. However, it might not be suitable for a daily driver. Truck drivers who have to use big tires might be required to raise their truck.

You could lift the truck by adding spacers or using offsets that are negative to push the tires further away.

Drivetrain Components

Remember, larger tires also put added pressure on the drivetrain component. One way to manage this problem is to go for taller gears, stronger axles, and steer stabilizers. ynqvynu4m4.

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