How Does a Fire Sprinkler System Actually Work? – Do it Yourself Repair

In certain nations due to them being extremely efficient and beneficial for some types of buildings. How do fire sprinklers perform? Science World explains.

Each head of sprinklers makes up an entire sprinkler system. The most popular type is known as a water pipe system. The head consists of a liquid-filled glass bulb and a plug. The fire can cause temperatures to increase. A rise in temperature causes an inside liquid of the glass lamp in the sprinkler head to expand and cause the glass to break. Water is activated when the bulb bursts, and then the plug can be released.

Some sprinkler heads don’t come on at the same time. Each individual sprinkler head needs to be activated to allow water. It helps prevent water damage to the structure.

A dry pipe system is filled with pressurized nitrogen or air. As the fire’s temperature rises, the valves for the sprinkler heads then it’s released. Once the gas or air is removed, water is able to flow through the pipes and from the heads of sprinklers. Dry pipe systems work well for extremely cold climates, where water-filled pipes can freeze. aid35iy5ps.

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