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Home improvement Grants are offered within Rochester NY for the Lead Hazard Control Program. It’s goal is to repair homes prone to lead-based hazards as well as children younger than six residing on the properties to prevent the danger of poisoning with lead. In order to test for lead it, a leading testing company certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) examines and presents a risk assessment report.

The repairs that qualify are painting, siding the door or window or repair to the porch, in addition to soil removal.

Lead Hazard Control Program Eligibility

The property must fall within the Rochester area, be residential for one to four families, and in excellent condition. The program does not apply to homes that are severely damaged, flooded, or in need of repair work to the structure.

The property must be owned by the person applying for it. If the property’s deed lists several owners, and they are not residents of the property, you may be ineligible for the program.

Housing and Urban Development should limit household income to below 80percent. The guideline can be dependent on changes every year.

Income of the tenant is not to be more than 50% of Housing and Urban Development Median Family Income. These guidelines are subject to change each year.

The owner must have an residing or visiting child older than six years. The owner must prove the connection between them and their child.

Rochester County and Monroe County tax records must be in order and current.

The property should not be put up for sale, and , if the property owner is a holder of an agreement with the tax department, the taxes must be paid on time.

The grant is limited to landlords.

The applicants who are qualified must accept a written agreement with the lender, mortgage, or note.

It must be maintained for five years by owners who use it as their primary residence.

The owner of the property should not have received any aid during the last seven years for the n7klj9y9sn.

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