How to Stock Up for a Safe and Healthy Quarantine

When the quarantine began we all saw on run on products we were not expected to see a run on.  For weeks you were not able to get toilet paper in this country. Now we are seeing runs on meat and supply lines start to dry up.  Part of this is due to the natural side effect of production slowing, or shutting down entirely. But some of it, looking at you toilet paper, was due entirely to people over buying the product out of panic.  Are you buying enough of the right kinds of things in order to help yourself through this time?

We were thinking about this problem everyone is facing when we came across a great article online. This piece clearly explains how to best stock up and prepare for the long shut in. We found it helpful and thought it gave a lot of positive and actionable advice.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to read more, please follow this provided link:

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